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The Ranger Foundation
(9038515 Canada Foundation)

 The 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (3CRPG) is a Canadian Army reserve unit that serves in remote and isolated northern Ontario locations. Approximately 650 Canadian Rangers are based in 23 Cree, Oji-Cree, and Ojibway reserves, 20 of which can be reached year-round only by air. They are remarkable people.

In many ways, the Canadian Rangers are a vital component of their societies. Using their local knowledge and expertise, they respond to requests for assistance to support their communities. They search for people who get lost, watch for floods during the spring thaw, watch for forest fires during dry summers, and organize evacuations when natural emergencies occur. Canadian Ranger Patrols also liaise with their communities and other military units during sovereignty exercises or operations.

The Canadian Rangers also lead the Junior Canadian Ranger Program, which is the largest youth program in Northern Ontario. With the help of the headquarters staff, more than 750 youth participate in activities that support life in their communities. Each year, more than 250 Junior Canadian Rangers, Canadian Rangers, and soldiers meet at 3CRPG’s Camp Loon, where they create an austere camp and undertake 10 days of on-the-land training. The activities include swimming, boating, fire safety, fishing, and learning local customs and traditions. The program fosters good citizenship, community responsibility, and increased self-esteem.

In early June 2014, Brigadier-General Julian Chapman and I had lunch in Toronto to discuss the various ways in which we could continue to serve the military after we retired from our appointments. Julian, Deputy Commander of the 4th Canadian Division located in Ontario, expected to retire in September. I expected to retire as Honorary Colonel of the 48th Highlanders of Canada in December.

During our conversation, at the request of Lieutenant- Colonel Matt Richardson Julian observed that the command team of the 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (3CRPG), which is part of the 4th Canadian Division, did not have access to discretionary funding from non-government sources and therefore wanted to establish a trust or foundation for funding.

In Ontario, most reserve army units in the 4th Canadian Division have access to a private charitable trust or foundation that can help pay for expenses such as sports team clothing, athletic event trophies, soldier participation in off-duty competitive sporting events, and other items that are ineligible for Department of National Defence funding.

The solution was obvious. We needed to set up a charitable foundation to solely benefit Ontario’s Canadian Rangers and Junior Canadian Rangers. This foundation could raise and provide funds for needs identified by the command team. So, in October 2014, we formally incorporated the Ranger Foundation under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. Its current corporate name is the 9038515 Canada Foundation.

John B Newman, MSM, CD

Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel

3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group

Chairman, The Ranger Foundation

(Shane) S.R.A. McArthur, CD


3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group

Commanding Officer